The trio

Some relations are just so difficult to explain. An angel came into my life when I was at the threshold of a new journey, the journey of staying alone, journey of pursuing my dreams and the journey of being independent. This angel held her little hand and gave me the comfort of a lifetime. With her first steps, I learnt to stand up again and face all difficulties.    Her mother was my Maa(v)shi ( Like a mother) but in some respect even more than an aunt, a friend, a confidant and moreover my caretaker. Her elder sister (though younger than me) taught me to be patient and perseverant and showered so much of love into my life which transcended all boundaries. The trio became a part and parcel of my existence for the past five years.

It is said that whatever happens in life, happens for a reason. I would rather say every person comes into your life for a reason. Now when it is time to bid adieu to them, I fall short of words of expressing my gratefulness to a person who’s been like a mother and her daughters who gave me a home away from home.  I have always thanked God for having such wonderful parents but today, I would also thank Him for having these three people in my life. Wish you three a great journey ahead!!


Life as seen through a Kaleidoscope..

A kaleidoscope consists of a combination of beads, coloured objects, pebbles and broken stuff which together due to reflection through mirrors the takes shape of a marvellous pattern. If seen individually, each of these things have a meagre significance. But when they are reflected through the mirrors of the kaleidoscope, they make wonders. It is difficult to single out one thing which makes the arrangement complete. This tool, in my opinion, symbolises life. I often ponder over such little things like the particles of a kaleidoscope.

My curiosity for discovering something new is triggered by this kaleidoscope as with each movement or wobble, a fresh design is seen. Towards the end, I find myself in a state of disillusionment as there is no conclusion to the hunt of the most beautiful design.  But every time I turn or wobble it, it crafts in a new fashion thereby making the effort an eternal process. I gaze through it objectively but never find a way to outshine the earlier attempts. I then project my regret on the mirrors which might are responsible for the uncertainties. I further try to remove a few objects to reach the point of certitude but on the contrary it leads to a stage of predicament as I have to give up something I really liked. Although, I endeavour to simplify, I land up in intricacies as I learn that there is nothing colourful and exciting and the course of things has become monotonous.

With a gush of thrill, I add a few more objects in this kaleidoscope. I relish the modifications for a while but again try to find precision consequently entangling myself in a vicious circle. It agitates me to the core and so I decide on keeping all thoughts aside.  It makes me happier for the time being until a small child comes up to me with the tool and asks me the question for which I have been searching an answer for all this while – “Why does this thing show a different design every time?”

My brain waves re-materialise and I remain still in silence. He turns off the light all of a sudden and then annoyingly says, “I cannot see any design!” It is at that moment I become conscious of the fact that it is solely because of the light that my kaleidoscope is existent. Without the light or sunshine the very survival of the tool becomes worthless. The only certainty in this maze is the ray of hope which is incessantly shining and making the subsistence worthwhile. It is thus a matter of perception whether to entangle oneself in trepidation or transcend it with a heart of belief and a mind of insight.